Dragon Ball FighterZ Finals at Combo Breaker 2018


COMBO BREAKER will have a limited availability Artist Alley during our 2022 event. We will have 18 table spaces available to showcase your artistic creations. Tables are available inside COMBO BREAKER’s event foyers. Due to table space limitations not every applicant can be accepted. We will begin responding to applicants on March 1, 2022 about accepted applications. Applications received after March 4, 2022 or within 14 days of submittal (whichever comes first). It is COMBO BREAKER’s hope to showcase a varied Artist Alley, with many art styles and mediums represented. All Artist Alley table locations will be randomly assigned from the available location pool.

Artist Alley Details & Limitations

  • Application deadline is April 8, 2022.
  • Table space is available Thursday, May 26 at 6pm through Sunday, May 29 at 10pm.
  • Eight foot table spaces with power strip are available. Depth of individual artist spaces may vary based on room placement. Please contact us if you have specific space requirements.
  • WiFi internet connectivity will be available for Artist Alley artisans.
  • Each table is reserved for 1 artist and may only represent that artist and/or the artist’s assistants.
  • Artist Alley opportunities are for individual creators wishing to showcase personally made items.
  • Limitations:
    • Items cannot be commercially mass produced (Digital prints of your art, comics, zines, toys, or plush you may have worked on and designed are allowed)
    • Items cannot be purchased from a 3rd party vendor
    • Items cannot include food or consumables
    • Textile items cannot be mass produced apparel or toys.
    • Sexually explicit items must be bagged and/or properly censored. Your table will be removed and you will not be refunded your table fee if you fail to comply with this limitation.
    • Metalworks that fall into the weaponry category are not permitted. (Small form jewelry and collectables are acceptable.)
    • All artists fulfilling commissions with media that may spill (including watercolors, acrylics, and brush inks) must use a drop-cloth, plastic floor mat, or other floor protector.
  • Each confirmed artist will be promoted on combobreaker.org.
  • Each confirmed artist may decorate their table space with banners, staging, or other self-supporting build-outs.
  • Each confirmed artist will also have access to the staff snack room.
  • Each confirmed artist will be featured in Artist Alley appreciation posts on @ComboBreaker.

Artist Alley tables at COMBO BREAKER have a $300 fee.

The COMBO BREAKER team is excited to help you showcase your art to our attendees. Please apply using the Google form located at the link HERE. If the form does not work for you please email us at [email protected].