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Midwest. Worldwide.

COMBO BREAKER is a community based events and apparel brand dedicated to competitive fighting games. Our international events have become destinations for culture and competition connecting people to the history, camaraderie, rivalry, and unforgettable passion of the Fighting Game Community.

CB events are produced by COMBO BREAKER LLC. They are directed by TheHadou and US FGC.

Tournament Conventions

For nearly 10 years, COMBO BREAKER’s flagship event has been a celebration of the fighting game genre. For 3 days every Memorial Day Weekend, players and fans from across the world converge in Chicagoland to test their skills, meet new friends, face old rivals, and share their love for one of gaming’s longest lasting competitive genres. CB2024 is May 24-26, 2024 over Memorial Day Weekend.

Look Alive Programs

Established during the 2020 pandemic, LOOK ALIVE is special event programming produced in collaboration with musicians, tournament organizers, and content creators that highlights fighting game focused DJ routines, interviews, special exhibitions, documentaries, and more. Each event is sporadically released as collaboration time allows.

LOOK ALIVE 3 scheduled for a TBA time in 2024.

CB Memories
Commemorative Art: CB EVENTS

Each year COMBO BREAKER commissions a commemorative artwork from community artists that celebrates the event lineup.

CB 2024 by
Yung Khan

CB 2023 by
Andrew Cockroach

CB 2022 by

CB 2020 by

CB 2019 by
Irene Koh

CB 2018 by
Eric Tran

CB 2017 by
Richard Suwono

CB 2016 by
Long Vo

Commemorative Art: Look Alive SPECIALS

Maddest Mao

Look Alive Commemorative Key Art

Nurri Durr


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