TEKKEN World Tour Returns to COMBO BREAKER

With the launch of TEKKEN 8, Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. has returned with an international tournament series to crown the King of the Iron Fist. The 2024 TEKKEN World Tour is being hosted exclusively at offline events around the world, including COMBO BREAKER 2024! Join the competition at CB2024 and earn valuable Global Ranking points on your journey to qualify for the TEKKEN World Tour Finals in 2025!

CB2024 is once again a Master level event on the Tour, meaning you can win points taking 1st through 49th place in the bracket! At the end of the tour your ranking is calculated based on the number of points you earn at 4 different types of events, with prestigious Master points often making the difference between qualifying for Finals or not. You can expect high-skilled, international competition in CB2024’s Master level bracket!

Enter the tournament today at start.gg/combobreaker!

Find out more about the TEKKEN World Tour at tekkenworldtour.com!

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