All Roads Lead to COMBO BREAKER!

Grassroots organizers around the globe, in collaboration with Hidden Variable Studios and RTS, have been hosting Skullgirls Championship Series (SGCS) tournaments all year to find the world’s best Skullgirls players! After months of intense competition online and offline, we’re gearing up for the Skullgirls World Championship (SWC) hosted at COMBO BREAKER 2024! Since our inaugural event, CB has hosted many of the largest Skullgirls tournaments in history, and this year we’ll be hosting the official World Championship itself!

Before showtime arrives for the Championship though, CB2024 will host the SGCS’s Encore tournament, a Last Chance Qualifier awarding entry into the World Championship! Register for the Encore tournament today at!

Who Qualifies for the Skullgirls World Championship?

The SWC is an invitational tournament featuring eight (8) players who have qualified through the SGCS’s league competitions. The Champions featured will include include:

  • Dekillsage (Frosty Faustings Champion)
  • North America’s Regional Leaderboard Leader
  • North America’s Curtain Call event Champion
  • Brasil’s Curtain Call event Champion
  • South America’s Curtain Call event Champion
  • West Europe’s Curtain Call event Champion
  • East Asia’s Curtain Call event Champion
  • CB2024’s Encore Champion
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