COMBO BREAKER is the largest competitive fighting game convention in Illinois. Over 3 days every Memorial Day weekend the convention becomes home to a variety of fighting game tournaments and the communities that love them. As a melting pot of culture and competition, COMBO BREAKER strives to be a weekend of gaming entertainment where players can compete, relax, and celebrate gaming.

COMBO BREAKER was born from Adam Heart retiring the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament Series in 2014. When his absence left the area without its annual gaming extravaganza, Richard Thiher, then Assistant Director of the series, partnered with Gaming Generations to develop a worthy event successor. When COMBO BREAKER arrived in 2015 it presented exciting, proficient tournaments and a then-unique 24-hour venue experience. The event’s focus on community also saw it become one of the most viewed fighting game tournaments of the year on twitch.tv.

In 2018 COMBO BREAKER continues to build on a legacy of fun with our veteran staff and beloved attendees. Join us May 25-27, 2018 for 3 days of mashed buttons, hype crowds, and intense competition as we celebrate the friendships and rivalries born from competitive fighting games.



Richard Thiher (Event Director) @thehadou
Caitlyn Thiher (Co-Event Director) @eidelonn
Max Wasserman (Competition Director) @curlingw
Dave Dziki (Director of Logistics) @theedziki
Michael Hionis (Staging Director) @supergreekfyter
Thomas Tischio (Media Manager) @tischphotos
Cary Zhang (Assistant Event Director) @vrozone
Noah Vandercook (Assistant Event Director) @itstotallynoah
Andres Coll (Lead Tournament Manager) @nothingxs
Daniel Rivera (Assistant Tournament Manager) @jamisontrumpets
Bassem Dahdouh (Assitant Tournament Manager) @bearunlv
Jon & Robin Chinnery (Registration Managers) @chindogg21
John Amenta (Lead Floor Manager) @zansam
Mikey Rivera (Floor Manager) @vscOVR9k
Punnha Nom (Assistant Floor Manager) @gngphenom
James Cardoni (Assistant Floor Manager) @IFDhumbag
Mia Martin (Assistant Floor Manager) @TheIceyGlaceon
Brandon Brockman (Lead Auctioneer) @tuboware
Evan Bredendick (Web Developer) @MN_ohgrr
Nick Paldino (Statistics Consultant) @casperone

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