COMBO BREAKER is a community-driven conventions, shows, and apparel brand dedicated to competitive fighting games. Established in 2015 by the Hadou and Gaming Generations, COMBO BREAKER has grown into an international brand name for fighting game fans from all corners of the genre. Each year COMBO BREAKER celebrates open brackets, player camaraderie, screen printed t-shirts, and one of the most passionate communities competitive gaming has to offer.


COMBO BREAKER’s flagship convention is held annually in the Chicagoland, Illinois, USA area. For 2022, the event is moving into the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center and Hotel. With 120,000 square feet of convention center and ballroom space turned into a 24-hour fighting game destination, this will COMBO BREAKER’s largest event to date. Register Today on!

In 2022: May 27-29 in Schaumburg, IL.


COMBO BREAKER’s experiment with mash-up entertainment is a unique broadcast program blending fighting game matches, content creators, musicians, interviewers, and skit artists from around the world into one program. Treated as a sampler of the many of places the fighting game community reaches, LOOK ALIVE is created in direct collaboration with the global fighting game community. 

In 2022: April 18-22. Hosted by Sajam.


Each year COMBO BREAKER commissions a piece of commemorative art from fighting game artisans


CB 2022 by Colorreaper

Look Alive 2021 by Nuri Durr

CB 2020 by Absolum

CB 2019 by Irene Koh 

CB 2018 by Eric Tran

CB 2017 by Richard Suwono

CB 2016 by Long Vo



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