Chipotle Returns to CB2024!

COMBO BREAKER is excited to welcome Chipotle back to the Midwest FGC for CB2024!

Together, we are raising the stakes of pool play matches throughout the event. As with Chipotle’s debut in 2023, the famous restaurant chain is once again cultivating a more fulfilling experience for CB competitors by providing free Chipotle entrée cards for all players who advance from pools in official CB tournaments. Chipotle’s prized entrée cards were one of the biggest hits last year and we look forward to seeing players at CB2024 get a chance to earn one this May! 

Additionally, the highest placing player from the United States in our franchise-attendance-breaking TEKKEN 8 tournament will be awarded free Chipotle for an entire year! Tournament prestige, a championship medal, and a full year of Chipotle is an exciting way to celebrate TEKKEN 8’s debut appearance at COMBO BREAKER! 

Join us May 24-26, 2024 in Schaumburg, IL as Chipotle and COMBO BREAKER serve up some heat. Register for CB2024 today!

Before we get to CB2024 weekend though, make sure to register for the TEKKEN 8 Chipotle Challenger Series with qualifier events from April 15-26, 2024 and take your shot at incredible prizes – including $20,000 in cash, paid trips to Evo 2024, and a year of free Chipotle! Earn your spot in the live broadcast finale on at 5 PM CT on May 4th!

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