Nintendo GameCube

  • Double Elimination
  • Singles tournament (1v1)
  • 4 stock, 8 minutes
  • 2/3 Games per Set
  • 3/5 Games per Set starting in Top 32 of the tournament
  • Winner of prior game is allowed 1 Stage Ban prior to counterpicks in Best of 3 sets only
  • “Stage-first” counterpick procedure (stage is decided before character selections for games 2-5 in the set)
  • DSR applies (players may not counterpick to any stage they won on earlier in the set)
  • Mutual Agreement is not permitted. Players may not agree to play on a stage that would otherwise violate the existing stage rules. A player who repeatedly attempts to coerce their opponent into such an agreement may be penalized with a game or set loss, depending on the severity and frequency of the infraction.
  • If a game ends in a time over, the game’s winner is determined by the following criteria, in order:
    • Player with more stocks remaining
    • Player with less percent damage
    • New game on same stage with 1 stock and 2-minute timer
  • In-game Sudden Death mode is ignored in all cases
  • All controllers permitted so long as they do not contain macro or turbo functions that are not present in stock GameCube controllers
  • Wired Gamecube controllers are recommended as the preferred input device. Box styled controllers are permitted provided they are updated to the latest firmware of their manufacturer.
    • Turbo functions, macros, and hardware modifications (other than case modifications, such as notches and cosmetic changes) are banned
    • Snapback modifications and PODE fixes are allowed
    • Tournament organizers have the right to inspect any controller at any time and determine its legality
  • Stalling, or excessively delaying a game or set, may result in a game or set penalty
    • Stalling during Pokémon Stadium’s Rock and Fire transformations will not be subject to penalties on the condition that players resume interaction once the stage returns to its non-transformed state
    • Freeze Glitch is banned
    • Wobbling—defined as a sequence of more than 3 pummels by the player-controlled Ice Climber between each of which the opponent is hit with any number of non-pummel hitboxes by the other Climber to lock the opposing character in hitstun—is banned
  • Warm-up periods and controller tests may not exceed 60 seconds on the in-game timer
  • Coaching is banned
  • Loading content onto consoles without authorization from tournament officials is banned

Stage List

Note: Stage list subject to change. Will be finalized prior to close of online registration.

Starter Stages

  • Battlefield
  • Dream Land 64
  • Final Destination
  • Fountain of Dreams
  • Yoshi’s Story

Counterpick Stages

  • Pokémon Stadium

Set Procedure

  • Prior to Game 1:
    • Competitors select their characters for Game 1, either competitor may request a Double-Blind character selection
    • Competitors play a best-of-1 in Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS), the winner of RPS will choose either to stage strike first or to select port first, the option not selected by the winner of RPS is then given to the other player
    • Competitors select their ports for the set
    • Competitors take turns removing stages from the list of 5 starter stages (see above) in a P1-P2-P2-P1 order, the stage that remains is the stage for Game 1
  • Between Games in the Set (“Stage-first” procedure):
    • [Best of 3 Sets only] Winner of prior game bans 1 stage from the full list of legal stages including both starters and counterpicks, the ban is effective for the next game only and does not persist throughout the set
    • Loser of the prior game selects the stage for the next game from the remaining unbanned stages, they cannot select a stage they won on earlier in the set (DSR)
    • Winner of the prior game selects a character for the next game, they are allowed to switch characters
    • Loser of the prior game selects a character for the next game, they are allowed to switch characters

In-Game Settings

  • Game Version: NTSC 1.02
  • Stocks: 4
  • Time: 8 minutes
  • Handicap: Off
  • Damage Ratio: 1.0
  • Items: Off
  • Pause: Off
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