Bringing More Games to CB2024

COMBO BREAKER will host many of the incredible games from the fighting game genre at CB2024, but we can’t host them all! To help surpass this limitation, COMBO BREAKER opens up floor space for additional organizers to host tournaments for their favorite games. This space is designed to create an event-within-an-event dubbed ALL IN TOGETHER: The Community Tourneys at CB2024!

CB2024 provides ALL IN TOGETHER (AIT) with its own concert style stages, large format ballroom, tournament setups, official CB2024 tournament medals, streams, and more! This year’s iteration of AIT is overseen by Duelist and Tong from TNS, with streams from Net Battles, and run with the assistance of community organizers listed under each game below. With the addition of AIT tournaments at CB2024, the convention event will feature a staggering number of open bracket tournaments!

AIT is scheduled with support from CB2024 Competition Director CurlyW to help avoid overall event schedule conflicts wherever possible. Sign-ups for ALL tournaments in the AIT program will be available in February via their own page, with registration open for games as-they-are approved starting today! Remember that you will need either a Competitor or Spectator Badge for CB2024 to in the ALL IN TOGETHER’s tournament lineup. Purchase a Badge for CB2024 from the page!

Dedicated Resources

To help ensure our community tournaments experience meets the standards players expect of COMBO BREAKER tournaments, AIT will have dedicated staff helping manage tournament brackets, handling equipment logistics, and assisting attendees all weekend long.

To showcase the high quality of play these Community Tournaments will feature, Net Battles will be producing two on-site streams broadcasting Top 4’s from AIT tournaments! The AIT stages and competition areas will be located in the Renaissance Convention Center’s Ballrooms and feature the concert style staging seen throughout CB2024!


Join any of the community hosted tournaments via AIT’s page!

Organized by OmegaTomHanks

Organized by LLB Stadium

Organized by Enpicie

Organized by Diosama

Organized by Boominati Battles

Organized by XagrandK

Organized by Dropkick Events

Organized by Guardian

Organized by tenacity

Organized by Tempest

Organized by ConvictedOfFun

Organized by Ivy

Organized by GTek

Organized by JeriTheOG

Organized by Ateozc

Organized by Wish

Organized by Tough Love Arena

Organized by Starcutter

Organized by Kan Kan Mikan

Organized by NautilusRepertus

Organized by Narr

Organized by JoePReal

Organized by Sugar Bear

Organized by wusstunes

Organized by Gumby Jones

Organized by Dawadawa

Organized by P.Skelly

Organized by IdolismJ

Organized by Suzucroria

Organized by BestGirlChloe

Organized by Moosebones

Organized by PolarBair

Organized by kyleatgames

Organized by GriffyBones

Organized by GyaruGarou

Organized by Aether Studios

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