One Frame Link is once again activating a Volunteer Rewards program at COMBO BREAKER 2019! One Frame Link has generously activated this program at COMBO BREAKER since our inaugural event, and we’d like to give them a moment to talk about their continued involvement;

“As One Frame Link enters its fifth year of sponsorship of Combo Breaker, we want to give thanks to Rick and the FGC at large for allowing us the opportunity to support it. One Frame Link’s Volunteer Program is a way for us to find a way to give to the community that we love so much, in a manner that extends beyond data and stats. It is special way for us to express our desire to help make FGC events better for all involved, especially to the volunteers who are the lifeblood of our events.”


COMBO BREAKER 2019 Volunteer Staff Reward Program

Volunteer staff are the lifeblood of COMBO BREAKER. Without the efforts of attentive volunteers like you, the event could not function. Knowing this, One Frame Link is offering the following rewards to volunteer staff at COMBO BREAKER this year:

  • A volunteer exclusive COMBO BREAKER 2019 “STAFF” shirt
  • A ticket per-pool-run redeemable for $10 cash at the Gaming Generations booth
  • 5 COMBO BREAKER event raffle tickets per bracket run. 
  • Entry into an exclusive staff raffle (taking place Sunday night, May 26, 2019 after Finals)
  • Complimentary snacks and food during volunteer shifts

Additionally, any volunteer who runs 3 or more brackets at COMBO BREAKER 2019 will be entered into a lodging lottery. 1 winner from this lottery will have their hotel room reimbursed by COMBO BREAKER! Reimbursement will cover up to 3 full nights at COMBO BREAKER’s resort or partnered hotels (up to a $450 value).

Volunteers should plan to attend a staff meeting before the event, Thursday night, May 23, 2019 at 9pm. If you cannot make the meeting, please let us know so we can plan a responsibilities and expectations overview for you.

We value your support of COMBO BREAKER and appreciate your commitment to helping us achieve a memorable event experience. The quality of the event depends on you. Thank you in advance for volunteering for COMBO BREAKER 2019!


COMBO BREAKER 2019 Volunteer Application


COMBO BREAKER 2019 Volunteer Application, Powered By One Frame Link
Application form to be part of the One Frame Link volunteer staff at COMBO BREAKER 2019. Please fill out the following information so we can help make sure your volunteer experience is a positive one. Please note that not all volunteers may be accepted. Volunteer confirmation messages will begin to go out in April 2019. We are looking forward to working with you!

If you are planning to compete at COMBO BREAKER, please register before you fill out this form (if possible). The form will remain open until three weeks before the tournament.
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