For the first time, Victrix will be on-site at COMBO BREAKER 2019 with their brand new arcade fight stick, the Victrix Pro FS! Special custom laser engraving will be available to COMBO BREAKER attendees picking up the Victrix Pro FS, making the premium arcade fight stick a CB2019 keepsake.

Victrix is a San Diego based engineering and design company that set out in 2015 to create best in class equipment for Esports pros, streamers, and core gamers. Years of design and development efforts from their team of gamers, makers, designers, and engineers aim to disrupt the gaming hardware category by introducing meaningful technological innovations encased in elegantly designed products.


The Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick is designed from the ground up to deliver the fastest response time on console. Authentic and reliable Sanwa Denshi parts complement custom electronics to deliver the smoothest performance. Enclosed in a single-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion, the Pro FS is crafted with comfort and ergonomics in mind. The Link 2 detachable shaft is included, making the Pro FS travel ready without the worry of damaging the joystick.


From the precise angle of the slope for the wrists, to the exact weight, to the thickness and the chemical composition of the non-slip pads against your knees. Victrix put a lot of thought into the comfort features of the Pro FS™. At the end, this gear should feel like an extension of you, so you can succeed.


Pro FS™ allows complete control and customization. A large bottom door opens wide to give you access to updates, swaps, and all the eccentric mods you can envision. We also gave you buttons you can program + fully customizable audio and lighting suites.

A Stick Well Traveled

Victrix built handles, die cast metal shoulder strap attachments, cable organizers and included a removable stick that stores during transit. The Pro FS™ is designed to be a good travel companion regardless of your destination.

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