Over the years there have been many games important to the fighting game community, but seemingly none more-so than Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Affectionately called Super Turbo nowadays, the game has survived competitively for over a quarter century. COMBO BREAKER wanted to do something special for Super Turbo this year and via a partnership with 2 Old 2 Furious & Paradise Arcade Shop to bring an authentic arcade tournament experience to our event. For fans of the historic title Paradise Arcade Shop sums our efforts up best,

“Scan lines, 320×240 graphics, 8 ohm mono speakers, hardware interrupts… real arcade games bring a unique feel and flavor to the competitive world.  For many the glow of the CRT sparks memories and excitement for the games, as they appear as they were meant to be. and COMBO BREAKER are teaming up to bring you this experience, as a part of a major fighting tournament.  Super Street Fighter II Turbo as it’s meant to be.  Custom table top cabinets with beautifully restored Wells Gardner arcade monitors, original Jamma boards, and  your choice of direct wired controls or an Undamned Decoder (to use your own fight stick) will bring a truly unique and memorable experience to the competition floor.” 

Aside from ensuring an arcade experience for our competitors, one compatible with even current generation controllers thanks to Paradise Arcade Shop, COMBO BREAKER is excited to announce a unique grand prize exclusive to our Super Turbo tournament. At COMBO BREAKER 2017 our tournament champion will be awarded not only his medal, trophy, and prize money – but also one of the custom built arcade cabinets, including arcade board and monitor, to tournament was contested on! Fair warning, COMBO BREAKER is not responsible for shipping associated with this prize!

We’d like to wish everyone competing in Super Turbo at COMBO BREAKER 2017 the best of luck. We can’t wait to see someone leave our event with their own personal piece of fighting game history.

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