COMBO BREAKER is made possible, in part, by the people and companies supporting us. Their dedication to the fighting game community is integral to our sustainability, and cannot be understated. Please take a moment to see who is helping us make your event weekend possible.

If you are interested in working with COMBO BREAKER please contact us at info@combobreaker.org

For the past 14 years, ASTRO Gaming has been designing some of the world’s most premium video gaming equipment by blending unique elements of lifestyle, technology, and design. ASTRO’s overarching commitment to improving the sport of video gaming can be seen every year as they provide on-site audio solutions at COMBO BREAKER and other tournaments worldwide. In 2020, COMBO BREAKER is powered by ASTRO.


Gaming Generations is the backbone of COMBO BREAKER. A locally-owned gaming retailer, equipment supplier, logistics services and technology repair company, Gaming Generations has been helping video game events grow for a decade. Make sure to stop by their booth at #CB2020 and let them know you appreciate their commitment to the fighting game community.


Paradise Arcade Shop is an Arcade and Arcade parts store trying to add a little more fun to the world. Winner of SRK Tech Talks’ Company of the year and Product of the Year awards! Whether online or on-site at COMBO BREAKER, Paradise Arcade Shop has the products you need to play at the highest level. 


Official statisticians of the Capcom Pro Tour and creators of FIGHT FACTS. Proudly seen at Capcom Cup, Evolution Championship Series, and as part of many of your favorite fighting game tournament streams. Discover their ongoing efforts to archive the fighting game community’s legacy with a follow @oneframelink.


Design studio of creative consultant Rick Thiher. The Hadou is home to informal ideas, mouse clicks, and event development.


Twitter #CB2020 | Follow @Combobreaker for News and Updates
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