In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, COMBO BREAKER is unable to bring you an offline event experience this Memorial Day Weekend. To help fill the void over the next 3 days, we have worked with Hold Back to Block, Phil Nolan, and Sajam to bring you a special stream, the COMBO BREAKER Retrospective, Powered by ASTRO Gaming. Starting today at 12pm Noon CDT, COMBO BREAKER will be showing many of its favorite matches and memories, as selected by CB Staff and fans across social media, on For 9 hours each day, this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Retrospective will feature over 47 games worth of matches from the last 5 years of COMBO BREAKER events. Schedule breakout below:

Friday, May 22: CB2015 & CB2016
Saturday, May 23: CB2017 & CB2018
Sunday, May 24: CB2019 & Special Features

All days start at 12pm CDT and should end around 9pm CDT.


ASTRO Gaming is also powering premium giveaways during the Retrospective, featuring products seen at CB events as COMBO BREAKER’s Official Headset, Official MixAmp, and Official Controller. ASTRO has long been COMBO BREAKER’s preferred audio partner, providing MixAmps for all event tournament stations, tournament ready Headsets and MixAmps for CB event stages, and renting, free-of-charge, headsets to attendees in need over the years. If that wasn’t enough though, ASTRO has also created CB Retrospective A40 TR Headset Speaker Tags to commemorate this weekend! These special speaker tags feature new COMBO BREAKER & ASTRO lettering by artist Snooze.One and are not for sale. They can only be won via ASTRO x CB Giveaway this weekend!            




Live Stream Giveaways

Tune in all weekend to the CB Retrospective and use the code “!ASTRO” in the chat for your chance to win a set of custom COMBO BREAKER A40 TR Speaker Tags! 24 pairs will be given away, 8 per day, after the show prompts you to enter. Additionally, all entries into the live stream giveaways can also potentially win an ASTRO x CB Grand Prize Bundle! 

Grand Prize Bundles include an ASTRO A40 TR Headset, MixAmp Pro TR, C40 TR Controller, and COMBO BREAKER A40 TR Speaker Tags!


Twitter Giveaways

Can’t watch the Retrospective this weekend? Follow @combobreaker and @ASTROGaming on Twitter to keep up with the matches and memories being shared during the stream. Want to take part in remembering COMBO BREAKER? If you tag both @combobreaker and @ASTROgaming while using the hashtag #CBRetrospective when posting your favorite memory from a COMBO BREAKER event, you’ll gain a chance to win one of 5 ASTRO x CB Grand Prize Bundles just for sharing your memories!

We’d love to hear about all your favorite memories throughout the weekend. Share as many as you’d like!  

Merchandise Shop Giveaways

The CB shop is open! New 2020 items are still available including New Era Snapback hats, a New Era woven beanie, a flannel, a zip-up hoodie, and a denim jacket. Each of these items was produced in collaboration with ASTRO Gaming, meaning picking up any of the above also gets you a chance at seeing COMBO BREAKER A40 TR Speaker Tags, an A40 TR bundle with COMBO BREAKER speaker tags, or even an ASTRO x CB Grand Prize Bundle included in your order! 

Already picked up merch this year? All 2020 merchandise orders to date have been entered for a chance to win. Please note that due to COVID-19 inventory delays your order may not ship until the end of June.  

Twitter #CB2020 | Follow @Combobreaker for News and Updates



COMBO BREAKER will return as an offline fighting game tournament convention Memorial Day Weekend 2021. Please join us at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois on May 28-30, 2021 to celebrate the in-person competition and camaraderie we were unable to enjoy together this year. Full event details will be announcing later in 2020, but save the date and we’ll see you at COMBO BREAKER 2021, Powered by ASTRO Gaming!