Looking to make sure you have one of the best arcade sticks available? Paradise Arcade Shop is now stocking HORI Real Arcade Pro and Premium VLX model arcade sticks! If that wasn’t all though they are also offering a unique at-event pick-up for online purchases HERE. If you’re looking to make sure you have a new stick to mash buttons on this is an excellent way to obtain one!


Never resting on just selling a great base product though Paradise Arcade Shop is also bringing their entire line of OBS-MX buttons to Combo Breaker! Enhance your arcade stick experience by swapping out stock parts for these mechanical switches and discover what faster response times can mean for your gameplay. While simple to install you’ll also have the Paradise Arcade Shop crew and experienced modders available to make sure your upgrade is fast & pain free.

Lastly, remember that Paradise is fully stocked up with Brook Super Converters and Boards. With Combo Breaker hosting so many games on so many different consoles it can become cumbersome carrying around all the different controllers necessary to compete. Brook products offer a fast, elegant solution for making your favorite controller usable across multiple consoles! 

Paradise Arcade Shop was the 2015 SRK Tech Talk Store of the Year. They produced the SRK Tech Talk Product of the Year in the OBS-MX Buttons and they continue to both make and carry the best arcade parts in the world.

Paradise Arcade Shop

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