Super Smash Bros Melee



Nintendo GameCube | Bring Your Own Controller

> Double Elimination
> 4 stock, 8:00 minute timer
> Items Off, Pause Off
> Damage ratio 1.0
> Master Hand is banned
> 2/3 Games per Set
> 3/5 Games for all Top 8 Sets

Set Procedure
  1. Players/teams select characters or request double blind picks (see Additional Rules).
  2. First stage is selected according to stage striking rules. Neutral ports may be called for. Neutral start may not be used. See Additional Rules section for elaboration on these rules.
  3. Set begins.
  4. After game 1 the counterpicking procedure takes place:
    > Game winner bans 1 stage in best-of-3, no stages are banned in best-of-5. This ban is in effect for the following game only.
    > Loser of the previous game picks a stage from the legal stages. Players/teams may not pick the stage they won on in the previous game. Players/teams may pick the stage they won on if their opponents agree to it (see Gentlemen’s clause in Additional Rules
    > Winning player/team selects characters (may change characters)
    > Losing player/team selects characters (may change characters)
    > Next game is played
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until the set is completed
Stages & Striking

Starter Stages:
> Yoshi’s Story

> Fountain of Dreams
> Battlefield
> Final Destination
> Dream Land 64

Counterpick Stage:
> Pokemon Stadium


Starter Stages:
> Yoshi’s Story

Pokemon Stadium
> Battlefield
> Final Destination
> Dream Land 64

Counterpick Stage:
> Kongo Jungle 64

Stage Striking:

> Players will eliminate stages from the starter stage list until one remains. Procedure is as follows:
> Players play best-of-one RPS
> Winner may choose to have port priority or the first stage strike. Port priority can be ignored if neither player brings it up.
> Player with first stage strike strikes one of the 5 starter stages. The other player then strikes 2 stages, followed by the first player striking one last stage. This leaves the player strike order as follows: P1-P2-P2-P1. 

Stage Clause
Players may not pick a stage they have won on in the current set except by use of the Gentleman’s Clause (see Additional Rules).

Neutral Ports & Starts

Some relative spawn points in some stages are significantly advantageous to one player/team. Either player may request, before a match begins, to have controller ports to be switched to avoid these situations. This request cannot be turned down. Port priority must be maintained through the switch. A list of neutral ports for each stage will be available on request. 

Singles Stages:
Final Destination: Port 1 & 2
Fountain of Dreams: Port 1 & 2
Yoshi’s Story: Port 1 & 2
Dreamland 64: Port 2 & 4
Battlefield: Port 3 & 4
Pokemon Stadium: Port 3 & 4

Doubles Stages:
Final Destination: Team A use Port 1 & 3. Team B use Port 2 & 4.
Yoshi’s Story: Team A use Port 1 & 4. Team B use Port 2 & 3.
Dreamland 64: Team A use Port 1 & 4. Team B use Port 2 & 3.
Battlefield: Team A use Port 1 & 4. Team B use Port 2 & 3.
Pokemon Stadium: Team A use Port 1 & 4. Team B use Port 2 & 3.

Neutral Starts:
Players may never ask for a neutral start where both players move to the opposite side of the stage and manually countdown an unofficial start. If a player asks for this use the above neutral ports rules instead. 

Additional Rules

Timeouts, Ties, and Sudden Death Situations:
If the timer reaches zero the player with the higher stock wins the game. If players are tied in stock the lower percentage holder wins. If players are tied in percent or lose their last stocks simultaneously then the players will compete in a final 1-stock game with a 3-minute timer. This Sudden Death game determines the winner of the game.

Self-Destruct Moves:
If a match ends with the successful use of a character’s self-destruct move then the results screen will determine the winner. There will be no exceptions to this rule. If the use of a Self-Destruct Move creates a Sudden Death situation than standard Sudden Death rules will apply.

Gentleman’s Clause:
Players may compete under a rule set mutually agreed upon at the start of their set. Prior to starting a set using the Gentleman’s Clause both players must alert their pool judge to any changes they are enacting. Any ruleset willfully delaying the tournament is an exception to this clause.

If a player pauses the game a stock, or the game if no stocks are available, will be forfeited. If the pause occurs causing an opponent to lose a stock the pausing player will sacrifice 2 stocks, or the game if 2 stocks are unavailable. A player can lose the set on account of a pause.

Team Colors In Doubles:
Your characters color must match the color of your teammates character when possible.

Wobbling is legal. Wobbling past 250% will be viewed as intentional game stalling punished by pausing rules.

Freezing, infinites, and glitches preventing the game from continuing(disappearing characters, game resets, etc) are not allowed. Should you activate any of these actions you will forfeit the game. You can lose the set on a forfeit. You are responsible for knowing your characters and what illegal actions they may be capable of triggering. Accidental activations will be ruled as intentional in all cases.


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