Coming to you live & direct from the Mega Center at Pheasant Run Resort May 26-28, 2017 is COMBO BREAKER 2017! With 18+ tournaments across 3 days, a giant convention center venue open 24/7 all weekend, concert style staging, and a laundry list of activities to build a memorable experience from, COMBO BREAKER is back to celebrate fighting games and the communities that love them. If you’ve never been to Pheasant Run Resort make sure to stop by venue article from last year to discover why COMBO BREAKER loves it’s home in St. Charles.
For 2017 COMBO BREAKER is expanding beyond the Mega Center Convention Center at Pheasant Run Resort as well.

We will be adding a giant ballroom at Pheasant Run Resort onto our floor-plan to bring even more fighting game activities to our attendees!



COMBO BREAKER 2017 has partnered with to power our registration & bracketology in 2017, and for the 1st time is offering Early Bird pricing & merchandising options built right into Registration. New for 2017 is customized commemorative badges with pre-event delivery. Skip the pick-up line by having your event badge & lanyard shipped to your home prior to the event! Check out our Games trailer below and 
Register for COMBO BREAKER today!

Remember to check out our discount Resort and hotel room options HERE!





Once again COMBO BREAKER is proud to offer our tournament player’s friends and families the opportunity to experience their excitement free of charge. Help us grow our community by bringing your friends and family to a weekend full of the camaraderie and infectious hype only found when fighting game fans gather together.




As seen in the above trailer COMBO BREAKER is thrilled to feature key art from acclaimed artist Richard Suwono this year. Suwono put together an incredible piece celebrating our 18 game line-up that you’ll be seeing all over the event! You can find Suwono on twitter @richardsuwono and online at his deviantart. If you like our key-art make sure to let him know!

Enjoy the 1440×900 high-res desktop wallpaper to the left.



Never content to do exactly what we’ve done before the COMBO BREAKER team is adding a variety of new games and new activities to our 2017 event. Many details about the event are still to come in the next few months but let’s take a look at a marquee few right now!


2 Old 2 Furious: COMBO BREAKER is excited to be working with New York’s own 2 Old 2 Furious event series to once again bring a spotlight to great retro games. We are big fans of the 2nd-in-a-franchise-only tournament series that our friends on the East Coast have been running, so it seemed a natural partnership to bring their team to COMBO BREAKER. With 2 Old 2 Furious at COMBO BREAKER you can expect an Arcade accurate Super Street Fighter II Turbo experience (more on that HERE), a roll-cancel filled Capcom vs SNK 2 tournament, and Soul Calibur II’s 1st appearance in a 2 Old 2 Furious line-up! Join us this May for a look back at these great games that helped build today’s fighting game community!

New Arcade Room: Searching to produce a bigger, better arcade experience, COMBO BREAKER has teamed up with the Arcade experts at Paradise Arcade Shop to create a brand-new arcade area at COMBO BREAKER 2017. Our new arcade will feature classic arcade games, many of your favorite fighting game cabinets, heart-pumping rhythm games, and Pinball!

Offline Ranked: In early 2017 we’ll be revealing new, weekend-exclusive ranking competitions all attendees at COMBO BREAKER can take part in. With special prizing, and endless opportunities to get games in, you’ll never be without a moment to compete in tournament caliber matches at COMBO BREAKER – even if you went 0-2 in a tournament bracket!

Player Workshops: Many years ago at the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament Series @thehadou hosted community panels aimed at helping players & fighting game enthusiasts get better at their games and increase their knowledge of the fighting game community at large. In 2017 COMBO BREAKER is bringing this activity back to our event! More details will be available in Spring 2017.

Ultra Arcade x COMBO BREAKER shirt: Every entrant into COMBO BREAKER’s Killer Instinct tournament will receive a limited edition Killer Instinct themed Ultra Arcade x COMBO BREAKER shirt. These shirts are incredibly limited and only available to tournament entrants. Our 2015 & 2016 shirts are still sought after merchandise by Killer Instinct fans to this day!

Cosplay Contest: For the 1st time COMBO BREAKER is hosting a Cosplay Contest. Our event team is committed to bringing a contest to you focused on costume craftsmanship, creativity, and fighting game history. We’ll be announcing contest criteria, judges, and prizing in January but if Cosplay is something you love look forward to your chance to showcase your work at COMBO BREAKER.

Official Side Tournaments: COMBO BREAKER is hosting a Bring Your Own Console area open to side tournaments scheduled into our event weekend. If you’d like to host a tournament at COMBO BREAKER featuring any game not in our current line-up, like the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 community did in 2016, please contact us and we will help you set up your tournament. Please note that available time-slots for co-promoted side-tournaments are limited and COMBO BREAKER reserves the right to schedule games generating the most interest.

Artist Alley: Every year COMBO BREAKER showcases many of the finest local and traveling artisans in the fighting game community. Our 2017 Artist Alley applications are open HERE.

Vendors & Partnerships: If you are interested in becoming an event partner please send us an email HERE!

Volunteer Information: Our paid volunteer program will be launching at the end of January. If you are interested in helping COMBO BREAKER be the best event it can be please stay on the look out for updates then.


Join us for COMBO BREAKER 2017 May 26-28, Memorial Day Weekend, 2017!

Twitter #CB2020 | Follow @Combobreaker for News and Updates
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