Kilgore Community Fund Pot Bonus

COMBO BREAKER is proud to announce that the KI Ultra Tour will be providing a $15,000 pot bonus from the Kilgore Community Fund for our 2018 Killer Instinct tournament! Since 2015, COMBO BREAKER has been known for its incredible Killer Instinct competition, exhibitions, and Top 8 showcases. With the sizable support from the KI Ultra Tour for CB2018’s Killer Instinct tournament, we are sure to see a bracket full of the game’s most enthusiastic players. The Top 16 finalists at COMBO BREAKER will receive a payout from this pot bonus, so placing in the Top 16 has never been more rewarding than it is in 2018!

KI x CB Shirt

Additionally, every Killer Instinct entrant will receive a commemorative Killer Instinct x COMBO BREAKER t-shirt. These limited edition shirts are only available for Killer Instinct entrants and can only be picked up on-site at COMBO BREAKER 2018!


Killer Instinct is available on Xbox One, Games for Windows, and Steam.

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