Tournament events are complicated places. Please read the following so you are on the same page with everyone else in attendance. Also, please bathe. Smelling nice is a courtesy everyone deserves. Now for the serious stuff.
Bracket: A flow chart indicating who should play whom at any point during a tournament. Round: A unit measured within a Game. Once a player wins X number of Rounds, he wins a Game. Game: A match between 2 players. In tournaments, players must win X number of games to win the Set. Set: Number of Games that must be won to advance to the next bracket round or claim victory. Judge: An individual chosen to run a bracket. A judge is a tournament official and will be empowered to control the flow of matches on a bracket. While Judges can resolve conflicts it is often advised that you seek out a Tournament Director for substantial issues. Tournament Director: An individual overseeing the event judges and managing competitor experiences. Tournament Directors are empowered by the event organizers to resolve conflicts in line with event rules.  Event Organizers: The person or people responsible for running the event.

Registration will be open until May 4, 2020. Seeded entry into event tournaments requires online registration. Players who enter during online registration will be seeded by region and, where available, existing tournament results. This increases the likelihood of playing players whom you have not regularly played against before. Registering on site is limited to Emergency Registration hours. Emergency registrants may only register for brackets with open byes. The nature of Emergency Registration means these registrants may not be seeded. Please register in advance of the event.


You are responsible for knowing which tournament pools you are playing in. Our tournament pools can start as early as 11am on Friday, May 22, 2020. Pool arrangements will be posted prior to the event so that you know when and against whom you will be facing. Due to COMBO BREAKER’s anticipated volume of entrants, and in an effort to provide for players uniformly, preferential pool placement cannot be provided. All participants are separated, as much as possible, by region. By the nature of a tournament you may at some point, somewhere, face a training partner or teammate in the bracket. Those are the breaks. May the best player win.


Cheering and jeering from the crowd is perfectly fine, as is a healthy level of trash talking and playful banter. However, if you cross the line into malicious, threatening, or discriminatory behavior, you will be removed from the venue. Do not try to intentionally make other attendees uncomfortable. Control yourself and treat others with respect.

Additionally, no attendee is allowed on a COMBO BREAKER stage unless directed by or approved by a stage manager. Any attendee jumping on-stage without prior permission will be ejected from the venue and barred from returning to the event.

All games will be played on default settings unless specified in individual game details. Individual game details are available on the Games page. All macros available via in-game controller configuration menus are allowed. Hardware programmable input entry, rapid-fire and/or other hardware assisted advantages are banned from tournament use. Pausing during a Game at any time results in a round forfeit. A pause during a Game’s final round forfeits the Game. You may lose a Set on a forfeited Round. At the judges discretion this rule may be ignored if Inevitable Defeat is visible. Inevitable Defeat means that any Game paused during a Round, Game or Set ending move or animation will not count against the victorious player. Inevitable Defeat is only true if a judge unpauses the game and a player wins without additional input.  Wireless Controllers, unless specified in a tournaments individual rules, are banned.

You are required to check into your pool 10 minutes before it starts. For example, if you are in a 12pm (Noon) pool you need to check in with your bracket runner by 11:50am. If you are in a 5pm pool you need to check in by 4:50pm. If you are not checked in when your pool starts you are disqualified from the first round and sent to the Losers bracket. You do not want to start in the Losers bracket do you?

We will be on time, and we expect you to be too.


You can be disqualified for not following event and/or a individual game’s tournament rules. If you are disqualified from a game you are not entitled to a refund. If you are on time and follow listed rules (and common sense) this will never be an issue for you. If you do not know where to be and at what time, or what rules to be following, ask a Tournament Official. Tournament Official rulings are final. Arbitration will only be provided, as warranted, by COMBO BREAKER’s Event Directors.

Conspiring with your fellow competitors is considered cheating. If the Tournament Directors determine that you have colluded to manipulate tournament results you will be immediately disqualified. Intentionally under-performing to advance a friend or team mate is collusion. Anyone disqualified in this manner forfeits all rights to titles, prizes, and bragging rights they would have earned. Determinations are made at the sole discretion of the Tournament Directors. Bracket runners and judges cannot, and will not, make this determination.

You are allowed a single coach during your set. Your coach may not advise you during the match itself. Coaching between games in a set can last for no longer than 1 minute. Coaches who interfere with your opponent physically, or yell at them abusively, may lead to you being reprimanded or disqualified. Implementation of punishments are at the Tournament Director’s discretion.


You are responsible for having a pad controller, arcade stick, or other input device to play on. This controller must adhere to tournament rules and be available to you when your match is called. Lending your controller to another player and not having it when your match is called is not a valid excuse for delaying the tournament. Be warned that in this situation you may receive a loss if you are delaying the bracket.


All controllers, even those for casual play only, are required to be wired to a console. Wireless controllers, of all kinds, are not eligible for play unless specified as legal in a game’s individual rules. A wireless controller with the batteries removed and powered exclusively through a USB connector will be considered legal. Wireless controllers that operate exclusively through a USB dongle will also be considered “Wired” controllers.

You are responsible for your controller and its functionality. If your controller’s wireless sync interferes with tournament matches it will be confiscated. There is a zero tolerance policy at COMBO BREAKER for controller’s that pause another competitor’s match. If you are found to be using an unapproved wireless controller you will be disqualified from the tournament and have your controller confiscated until the end of the event.

PlayStation 4 Exception: The PlayStation DualShock 4 controller is legal for tournaments contested on the PlayStation 4. It is your responsibility as a competitor to desync controllers prior to your matches from the PlayStation 4’s Devices menu in the system settings. Please take ownership of ensuring you have an uninterrupted experience.

Controller issues: (Pausing, Turbo, Hardware Binds, & more)

Pausing a tournament match can cost you a Round. If a match pauses during play immediately get your bracket judge. The player whose controller paused the game will receive a Round loss. If a player pauses during the final playable round of a Game the pausing player will receive a Game loss. You may lose a Set from a pause created Game loss. In the event that the game pause is due to a legitimate hardware malfunction you will be allowed to get another controller and continue the Set (if possible). For more information on pause conditions please see General Rules.

Turbo and program (macro) functions in all controllers are banned. If you are caught using them you will be disqualified for cheating.

Hardware Button Binds, so long as they trigger all of their inputs on the same frame, are legal. You may not use binds that combine directions and actions. This means a button that presses light punch+hard punch at the same time is legal, but a button that presses forward and light punch is not. Hardware Macros are not allowed. If you are using a device that has hardware modifications you must present it to the bracket runner prior to the start of your pool to check its legality.

More clarity from PhreakMods: Official Hitbox devices that handle SOCD (Simultaneous Operation of Cardinal Direction) properly are not considered to cause impossible behavior and are tournament legal. Controllers that handle these operations and do not allow opposing directions on the same frame include Godlike Controls Cthulu+. PhreakMods Cerberus, & Akishop Customs PS360+, and Brook Universal Fighting Boards.

TL;DR: Don’t cheat, earn your victories.

Intentionally triggering a bug or glitch that stops the game from being played counts as a loss for the triggering player. Discovering a bug or glitch in tournament does not count as a loss. It is at your Bracket Judge’s discretion to determine culpability.
The event raffle is held on Sunday during finals day. Our Registration Raffle is available for all attendees who registered during the early bird & regular registration periods. Winners of the registration raffle are informed by email. For all other attendees an on-site raffle is available at the Gaming Generations booth. You must be present to win.
COMBO BREAKER has a zero tolerance policy toward violence, threats of violence, intimidation, inappropriate contact, harassment (sexual or otherwise), and other forms of personal misconduct. Any incident or threat of violence, harassment, aggressive intimidation, or inappropriate contact of any kind will result in a minimum 1-year to lifetime attendance ban. Attendees of COMBO BREAKER agree to be bound by the decisions of COMBO BREAKER and anyone acting on its behalf, which shall be final and binding in all respects. COMBO BREAKER reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify or remove any individual it finds to be tampering with the type, process, or operation of the event, or to be acting in violation of event rules or COMBO BREAKER’s code of conduct.
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