Every year COMBO BREAKER looks for new ways to work with regional organizers and expand its tournament offerings. In 2018 our event team is working with Melee Everyday and Down B Collaborations to bring an expanded version of Illinois’ EDEN tournament to COMBO BREAKER! 
Taking place in the 12,000 sq ft St. Charles Ballroom at Pheasant Run Resort, EDEN will provide a new experience for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Wii U fans at COMBO BREAKER. EDEN’s production will include dedicated staging and unique event activities developed by Melee Everyday’s Vro and Down B Collaboration’s Jaaahsh.


What You Can Expect From EDEN At COMBO BREAKER:

  • A spacious ballroom complete with stylized Main Stage
  • Special guest players and commetators
  • Tournament and Friendlies setups 
  • Singles and Doubles tournaments
  • Themed Auction tournaments
  • VroZone Workshops
  • Smash.gg ladder competitions
  • Special guest vendors
  • Classic games arcade
  • Free attendee WiFi
  • & More TBA!

From EDEN’s Leadership:

“I’m excited to share this incredible news. This upcoming year Combo Breaker and I are teaming up to bring back EDEN! EDEN had over 150 entrants for Melee and featured some of the best rising talent duking it out in Chicago. Combo Breaker’s motto of ‘No Coast. No Kings.’ is a perfect fit with how I view Eden. This year you can experience all the great aspects of EDEN, plus the premier production and convention experience at COMBO BREAKER. I’m excited to forge these bonds and continue to shine a brighter light on Smash in Chicago! See you guys there in May!”
– Vro, Assistant Director, COMBO BREAKER

“I always urge Smash players to go to Combo Breaker whenever I get asked which events to recommend folks attend in the Midwest. Rick knows how to craft a phenomenal experience for spectators, organizers and participants alike; add Vro and the brand he’s built with EDEN to the mix, and I’m excited to give Smash Bros. Wii U the chance to shine anew at CB2018!”
– Jaaahsh, Wii U organizer for EDEN

COMBO BREAKER is excited to collaborate with 2 of the Midwest’s most reliable tournament organizers and build something new at COMBO BREAKER 2018! 


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