Dragon Ball FighterZ Finals at Combo Breaker 2018


It’s time to find out who you’ll need to defeat in pools to claim a free Chipotle burrito! Beyond that, you can find out what auctions and activities are happening at CB2023. Trying to see what vendors, exhibitors, and artists are waiting for you? We’ve got the list ready for you. Geared up for the Cosplay Contest and looking for more details? Find out more below! With only one week left until CB2023, let’s take a look at everything happening Memorial Day Weekend!

Please note: Day and weekend passes will be available on-site at the Registration Desk!

Tournament Pools

Draft pools have been released via the COMBO BREAKER 2023 start.gg page! Find out when you will be competing and who you will be competing against. Believe you’ve found an issue with the pools? Please report it to our bracket team via this Pools’ Feedback Form!

    Tournament Schedule and Event Activities

    CB2023 has a wide variety of tournaments and activities going on all weekend! Each tournament and activity has been scheduled to help you create an experience packed with fighting game entertainment. Make sure to check out everything available at CB2023, including:

    COMBO BREAKER strives to make sure there are always fighting games to play and fighting game content to kick back with during the show. We hope you enjoy all the tournaments and activities listed above!

    Broadcast Schedule and Channels

    CB2023 will be working with great production groups and featuring stellar on-air talent from around the fighting game community. We aim to ensure you have a great time watching matches both in the venue or at home! For CB2023 we are working with 14 teams streaming on twitch, including:

    Each channel will be live throughout Memorial Day Weekend in an effort to cover all the competitions happening at CB2023! Our show is also available for co-streaming. So if you want to share CB2023 with your community, please feel free to do so!

    New Year, More COMBO BREAKER

    CB2023 is taking over even more of the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center and Hotel! Our event spaces include the entire first floor Convention Center and foyer, the full Schaumburg Ballroom, Utopia and Euphoria Ballrooms on the second floor, and the south-side second floor foyer for a dedicated concessions and cafeteria area. There is over 165,000 square feet dedicated to CB2023, with a few important locations to be aware of prior to arriving:

    • Registration and Check-In is available in the Schaumburg Foyer and is open Thursday, May 25, 2023 from 5pm-10pm CT. It will re-open on Friday, May 27 at 9am CT until 8pm. It will be open Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm each day
    • The Artist Alley is in the Adventure Hall Foyer and throughout the Schaumburg Ballroom
    • All In Together: The Community Tourneys are located in the Schaumburg Ballroom
    • Concessions are located to the south of the stairwell on the second floor
    • An isolated eating area has been set up on the second floor in front the Utopia ballroom foyer
    • Dedicated BYOC and casuals are in the Euphoria ballroom
    • A free play arcade is setup in the Utopia Ballroom

    Lastly, the Renaissance Schaumburg hotel has a dedicated coffee shop, bar, and restaurant available to all event attendees. Hours vary each day. Please check on-site.

    Detailed Venue Maps Below

    For the Convention Center, Schaumburg Ballroom, and Second Floor