Looking to run a tournament as part of COMBO BREAKER’s Community Tournament Initiative? Then you’ve come to the right place! COMBO BREAKER 2020 has partnered with KIT Gaming and Net Battles to help create a new and improved Community Tournament experience that helps you to maximize our Bring Your Own Console (B.Y.O.C.) area! With the assistance of these trusted tournament operators we are confident you will have an excellent experience hosting tournaments and activites at COMBO BREAKER 2020.

Please note: In an attempt to schedule usage of our B.Y.O.C. space, we have set up an application form for CB2020 the weekend. This form will help us schedule you for the guaranteed space and resources you need to successfully run your tournament. It will also allow us to help you promote and manage your prizing! Space is limited and not all applicants can take part in our Community Tournament Initiative.

COMBO BREAKER 2020 Community Tournament Submission

COMBO BREAKER 2020 Community Tournament Submission
Submission form for organizers planning to run a community tournament at COMBO BREAKER 2020. Please fill out the following information so we can help you find a time in the Bring Your Own Console (BYOC) area to run your event.

You are not required to complete this form in order to run a community tournament. However, you do need to fill out this form if you wish to secure a time-slot in the BYOC, and to gain promotional assistance from COMBO BREAKER. Guaranteed time-slots are limited and not all submissions can receive one. Responses will begin to go out in February.

If you are planning to compete at COMBO BREAKER, please register prior to filling out this form. The form will remain open until March 18, 2020.

Please note that unlike previous years, we ask that you do not create your own registration page for your community tournament, as we are planning to host a single sign-up page for all promoted community events at COMBO BREAKER 2020.
Email address *
You will be contacted via email
First and Last Name
Gamertag *
If you have registered for COMBO BREAKER as a competitor or spectator, please put your tag as it appears on without any prefix (i.e. "Tokido", not "MCZ | Tokido")
Twitter handle *
Ex: @tokidoki77
Discord username
Ex: Tokido#1337
Phone number
City and State/Province *
If from outside US/Canada, put City and Country instead
If you are co-organizing this community tournament with other people, please enter each co-organizer's real name, gamertag, email address, Twitter handle, and Discord username
If you are organizing this community tournament as part of a group or organization, please enter the name and twitter handle of the organization
Ex: airdashclub☆ (@airdashclub)
Have you ran a community tournament at COMBO BREAKER before? *
What game do you want to run a community tournament for? *
What system do you plan to use for running the community tournament? *
How many setups will you be providing to run the community tournament? *
A setup includes a monitor/CRT and a system with the game. In general, we expect you to provide at least 1 setup for every 8 entrants in your bracket. If you need assistance in obtaining specialized equipment, please let us know.
How much will the entry fee be for your community tournament? *
What do you think a reasonable entrant cap would be for your community tournament? *
Choose the best answer. This is non-binding and can be adjusted later.
Do you have a preferred time during the COMBO BREAKER 2020 weekend for your community tournament to take place? If so, when? *
COMBO BREAKER event hours may run between 10am on Friday May 22 and 11pm on Sunday May 24, though we will not allow side events to start after 7pm on Sunday. The venue is open 24 hours during the weekend. While late night and early morning times for community events are possible, we would prefer you do not opt to run your event between the hours of 2am and 10am on any day. If you have no preference, write "no preference".
Are there any times over the course of COMBO BREAKER 2020 weekend when you would NOT be able to run your community tournament? If so, please list the times and days you are unavailable.
You do not need to write anything if you are available the entire weekend. If you are competing in any main events, we will not schedule your community event during your pool times.
Which game(s) in COMBO BREAKER 2020's main lineup would you NOT want your community tournament to conflict with, if any?
Select at most 3. You do not need to select any if you feel your community event has no significant participant overlap with any main games.
Event Organizing Resume *
Please list any prior experience you or your organizing group have at running events, particularly for this game and preferably within the past 2 years. Please include links to any relevant tournament brackets, websites, promotional pages, or VODs that demonstrate your experience at organizing and running events for this game.
Is there anything else you want us to know?
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