COMBO BREAKER is always looking to showcase a variety of on air talent during our event. Whether you are a new personality or an established veteran, our broadcast is entertaining, in part, thanks to your on air presence. As such, the team at COMBO BREAKER promises to review each and every application submitted to us! Commentary slots are limited and this year’s competition will be the fiercest yet, so please send us your best reel! Applications without reels or reference videos will not be selected! We are looking forward to reviewing your work.

Commentary applications will be open until April 6, 2020. COMBO BREAKER commentators will receive an appearance fee for each commentary block worked and have access to the event snack room. 


COMBO BREAKER 2020 Commentary Application


COMBO BREAKER 2020 Commentary Application
Application form to be a featured commentator at COMBO BREAKER 2020. Please fill out the following information so that our team can evaluate if you are a fit for our 2020 broadcasts. Not all commentators will be accepted. Acceptance messages will begin to go out by April 13, 2020.

Please do not plan your attendance exclusively on potential commentary opportunities. Only complete this form if you are planning to attend regardless of whether or not you are accepted for commentary.

If you are planning to compete at COMBO BREAKER, please register before you fill out this form. The form will remain open until April 6, 2020. Broadcast schedule and commentator selections may finalize before this form closes.
Email address *
You will be contacted via email
First and Last Name *
Gamertag/Handle *
If you have registered for COMBO BREAKER as a competitor or spectator, please put your tag as it appears on smash.gg without any prefix (i.e. "Tokido", not "MCZ | Tokido")
Twitter handle *
Ex: @tokidoki77
Discord username
Ex: Tokido#1337
Phone Number
City and State/Province *
If from outside US/Canada, put City and Country instead
Have you been a commentator at a previous COMBO BREAKER? *
Commentary Resume *
Please list events you have commentated at, including the game and round of the tournament you commentated. Ex: Texas Showdown 2019 (BBTag Top 8), Let's Make Big Moves (Smash Ultimate Singles Pools), Mishima Monthly August (Tekken 7 full bracket)
Link to commentary reel *
Please provide a link to a video reel of your commentary. At least one clip in the reel must identify you, so that we can easily pick out you and your voice in other clips. If you do not have a reel, please provide links with timestamps to video clips of your best commentary, including an identifying clip.
Link to photo of you
In case you are not easy to identify in your reel, please provide a link to a current photo.
Which game(s) are you willing and able to commentate? *
Select all that apply. Any game you select must appear in your commentary reel in order for you to be considered for it.
Are there any times over the course of the COMBO BREAKER weekend when you would NOT be available for commentary? If so, please list the times and days you are unavailable.
COMBO BREAKER 2020 broadcast hours may run between 10am and midnight on Friday May 22, between 10am and midnight on Saturday May 23, and between 9:30am and 11pm on Sunday May 24. You do not need to write anything if you are available the entire weekend. If you are competing in an event, we will not schedule you for commentary shifts during your pool times.
Is there anything else you want us to know?
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