COMBO BREAKER returns to the Mega Center at Pheasant Run Resort! 23+ tournaments will span across the 3 day weekend as COMBO BREAKER fills a convention center and adjoining ballrooms with our signature 24/7 venue experience; complete with concert style staging, vendors, guest artists, and much more! Join us in celebrating competitive fighting games and their passionate communities Memorial Day Weekend 2019. Pheasant Run Resort is a rustic 250-acre retreat on the edge of St. Charles, Illinois featuring a wide selection of rooms and on-site activities. Find out more about the resort at and book an event rate room HERE.


Register for COMBO BREAKER 2019 today! Early Bird pricing & pre-order merchandise are built right into the Registration. Returning for 2019 is customized commemorative badges with pre-event delivery. Core apparel is also available for pre-event delivery this year! Skip the pick-up line by having your event badge, lanyard & merchandise shipped to you prior to the event! Remember to book a room! Discount Resort rates and additional hotel room options HERE!


COMBO BREAKER has put together a mix of new and returning games and activities for our 2019 event. Many details about COMBO BREAKER 2019 will be announced throughout the coming months, but let’s take a look at a marquee few today!

New Tournaments

For the first time COMBO BREAKER is hosting Mortal Kombat 11, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Soulcalibur VI, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters, and more! Discover our full tournament games list HERE.


The COMBO BREAKER Pop-Up shop returns with new limited edition items for 2019! Featuring apparel, posters, accessories, and collaborations with Irene Koh, Koogy of Brokentier, The Hadou, and more! 


COMBO BREAKER is excited to be working with PARADISE ARCADE SHOP to produce a thematic Arcade experience at CB2019! New for 2019, the New Orleans ballroom and Bourbon St. walkway will be dedicated to arcade and retro tournaments – complete with concert style staging and dedicated streams! Join us in celebrating the history of the fighting game genre complete with all the frills of modern tournaments!

2 Old 2 Furious

We are proud to continue working with New York’s own 2 Old 2 Furious to shine a spotlight on sequel classics! Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Soulcalibur II, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Street Fighter EX2 Plus will all be featured at COMBO BREAKER x 2 Old 2 Furious 2019! 

Free Play Arcade

Searching to provide an engaging, ever-changing arcade experience, COMBO BREAKER’s partners at Paradise Arcade Shop are working on a refined free play arcade for COMBO BREAKER 2019! The 2019 arcade will be a sprawling selection of classic arcade games, many of your favorite fighting game cabinets, heart-pumping rhythm games, and Pinball!

Mystery Expansion

The Mystery Game Tournament at COMBO BREAKER has long been one of our most beloved tournament oddities. In prior years though COMBO BREAKER has seen far more attendees wanting to compete in it than our 128 player bracket cap allowed. We are excited this year to upgrade our player cap to 256 players!

Competitive Ladders

Never stop competing! In February, we’ll be detailing weekend-exclusive ranking competitions available to all attendees at COMBO BREAKER! These ladder competitions are a near endless opportunity to get games in; complete with special COMBO BREAKER prizes!

Artist Alley

Every year COMBO BREAKER showcases many of the finest local and traveling artisans from the fighting game community. Our 2018 Artist Alley applications are open HERE.

Cosplay Contest

Returning to COMBO BREAKER for its third year is our Cosplay Contest! COMBO BREAKER is committed to producing a contest focused on costume craftsmanship, creativity, and fighting game history. We’ll be announcing contest criteria, judges, and prizing in January!

Scheduled Side Tournaments

COMBO BREAKER’s Bring Your Own Console area is available for side tournaments! If you’d like to host a tournament at COMBO BREAKER featuring any game not in our current line-up, please contact us HERE! Please note that promoted time-slots for side-tournaments are limited and curated. 

Vendors & Partnerships

If you are interested in becoming a COMBO BREAKER event partner, please send us an email HERE for advertising opportunities and booth rates!

Volunteer Information

Our detailed, incentivized volunteer program is available HERE. If you are interested in helping COMBO BREAKER be the best event it can be please review it and apply today!

Attendance Cap

In an effort to continue scaling controllably, COMBO BREAKER 2019 will have an attendance cap of 4,800 registrants. This is a combined total for players and spectators attending alike. COMBO BREAKER strives to deliver a premium on-site experience for our attendees, and in 2019 this requires limiting our potential event growth. We thank you for your understanding!

Join us for CB2019 May 24-26, Memorial Day Weekend, 2019!

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