COMBO BREAKER LLC is thrilled to announce that SAMSUNG and SIMPLE Mobile will be presenting COMBO BREAKER 2019! SAMSUNG and SIMPLE Mobile’s commitment to fighting games, seen with their prior support of the Injustice 2 Pro Series and tournament events across North America, make them natural brands to help redefine the COMBO BREAKER experience for 2019! 

Advanced Staging And New Tournament Spaces

Concert staging has become an integral part of COMBO BREAKER events, with each year becoming more difficult to activate and refine upon than the last. With SAMSUNG and SIMPLE Mobile’s support though, COMBO BREAKER has been able to not only activate our preferred presentation screens, arena lighting, and projectors; but we have also been able to build out new stage experiences and Resort locations! At COMBO BREAKER in 2019 you will find CB style stages not only in the Mega Center, but also in the St. Charles Ballroom, alongside a brand-new for 2019 retro-gaming dedicated area in the New Orleans Ballroom.

Alongside these brand new stages and tournament locations, COMBO BREAKER has also been able to put together dedicated arcade experiences in Pheasant Run Resort’s Preservation Hall and on their mock Bourbon Street. These new gaming areas are complimented by dedicated B.Y.O.C and casuals locations in the Marsalis ballroom and Garden Atrium. Collectively, these refinements and additions are creating more places than ever before to play and experience marquee competition at COMBO BREAKER!


Mobile-Charging Stations

With the expanded floor-plan at COMBO BREAKER 2019, it is integral that attendees have a way to keep their devices charged throughout the weekend. Thanks to SAMSUNG and SIMPLE Mobile, you will be able to find charging stations and stream viewing areas throughout Pheasant Run Resort! Never feel that you have to head back to your hotel room to recharge your battery. Given COMBO BREAKER’s twenty-four-seven gameplay experience, this is an incredible boon to your ability to stay connected with fellow attendees and social all weekend.


Additional Broadcasts

Speaking of connectivity, with SAMSUNG and SIMPLE Mobile’s support, COMBO BREAKER has been able to secure additional broadcasts for 2019. This year will see COMBO BREAKER’s first broadcast dedicated to the entirety of the Mystery Game Tournament, as well as an additional broadcast dedicated to the event’s retro tournaments. Tune in all weekend to any of the 10 broadcasts covering COMBO BREAKER’s 23+ tournaments!

SAMSUNG and SIMPLE Mobile’s support of COMBO BREAKER is allowing the event to explore refinements for the attendee and broadcast experiences. If you’re similarly exploring new mobile device options, take the time to discover SAMSUNG’s latest offering HERE and consider powering it with SIMPLE Mobile’s monthly service plans.


COMBO BREAKER is looking forward to a great event this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. Please join us at COMBO BREAKER 2019, presented by SAMSUNG and SIMPLE Mobile!

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