COMBO BREAKER tournaments feature double-elimination open brackets. Our tournaments may feature single phase brackets or brackets with multiple phases depending on the amount of entrants. Our bracket phases include: Qualification Pools, the Semifinal Bracket, and the Tournament Finals. For preparation, our tournament brackets will be put online two weeks before the event so that registrants can review their placements.

Single Phase Brackets are utilized when a game has less than 32 competitors. Single Phase Brackets are contested with double-elimination pools, where advancing players move directly into semifinal matches without additional brackets phases being utilized. Players continue advancing in this bracket until a Tournament champion has been crowned.
The tournament’s first phase consists of pool play. Each pool contains 8 or more players, spread out based on the overall size of the tournament. Each pool uses a standard double-elimination bracket until 3 players, 1 on the Winners side and 2 on the Losers side, remain. These 3 players advance to the next phase. (In certain cases, the number of players advancing from each pool may be 2 or 4, depending on the total number of tournament entrants.)
Semifinals contain a new double elimination bracket containing the 3 advancing players from each Qualifying Pool. Players are placed into the bracket based on which pool they were in and whether or not they lost in the Qualifying Pools. Losses in the Qualifying Pools carry over into the Semifinal bracket. Players advancing out of the Semifinal bracket go into the Tournament Final bracket.
Tournament Finals are a continuation of the Semifinals bracket. Losses from the Semifinals bracket carry over. No one advances from the Tournament Finals bracket as this bracket determines the Tournament Champion.
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