ASTRO Gaming Returns As COMBO BREAKER 2019’s Official Audio Partner!


Continuing their commitment to improving the competitive fighting game experience, ASTRO Gaming returns to COMBO BREAKER 2019 as the event’s Official Audio Partner! Whether on stage or in the competition pit, ASTRO Gaming being on-site ensures you will hear the audio cues you rely on during competitive sets.

The Standard For Tournament Audio

Throughout COMBO BREAKER 2019 you will find ASTRO Gaming’s premium MixAmp Pro TR, the Official MixAmp of COMBO BREAKER 2019, featured at every gaming station! Each MixAmp ensures an important audio solution is available for all matches event weekend, one best completed by the Official Headset of COMBO BREAKER, the ASTRO A40 TR! At COMBO BREAKER you will find ASTRO Gaming’s premium A40 TR Headset and A40 TR Mod Kit being utilized on every event stage – providing the increased noise isolation and immersive audio fidelity needed to reinforce each COMBO BREAKER competitor can focus on their tournament matches.

Helping make sure audio availability is the new standard for fighting game tournaments, ASTRO Gaming will be on-site with free-to-rent headsets for COMBO BREAKER 2019 competitors. Whether on-stage or on the competition floor, ASTRO Gaming at COMBO BREAKER is creating the game audio conditions necessary for you need to play your best.

Tournament Ready Controllers For Demanding Competitors


No tournament competitor is ready for competition without a controller, and PlayStation 4 & PC tournament competitors have a brand new option with the Official Controller of COMBO BREAKER 2019, the ASTRO Gaming C40 TR! The C40 TR’s swappable modules, integrated rear buttons, and full wired functionality make it the perfect choice for fighting game players. Try out the latest from ASTRO Gaming while visiting their booth at COMBO BREAKER!

Powering the COMBO BREAKER 2019 Auction Tournaments

ASTRO Gaming have proven, time and time again, to be a brand invested in improving the competitor experience. At COMBO BREAKER, they are furthering that commitment by powering the 2019 Character Auction Tournaments! These unique, high entertainment tournaments will each feature a covetable ASTRO Gaming prize package! Find out more about the 2019 Auction Tournaments HERE!

Celebrating Competition At All Levels

COMBO BREAKER is a convention dedicated to celebrating the sprawling genre of competitive fighting games, with numerous tournaments both official and community hosted on-site each year. In 2019, ASTRO Gaming’s support has made it possible for COMBO BREAKER’s signature metal Finalist medals to be awarded to not only the event’s base 23 game roster, but for the entire expanded community side tournaments roster as well! For the first time, 45+ tournaments held Memorial Day Weekend will see their Finalists head home with a permanent keepsake of their performance.


ASTRO Gaming has long been a supporter of competitive gaming. Their premium video gaming equipment, peripherals, and gear have helped players stay dedicated to their games for over a decade. If you’re in the market for a new headset, controller, or gaming accessory, be sure to stop by the ASTRO Gaming booth on-site at COMBO BREAKER 2019 or visit them online at

COMBO BREAKER is looking forward to a great event this Memorial Day Weekend. Please join us this May 24-26 at COMBO BREAKER 2019!

Learn More about ASTRO Gaming’s Tournament Set Ups and free-to-rent headset program featured at CB 2019:


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