Dragon Ball FighterZ Finals at Combo Breaker 2018


Even More Games

Every year, COMBO BREAKER hosts as many incredible fighting games as we can, but we still have gaps due to our community’s amazing wealth of competitive games. To help with this, COMBO BREAKER is partnering with independent community organizers to help create a new event-within-an-event, ALL IN TOGETHER: The Community Tourneys at CB2022. Join us as we celebrate even more games together at CB2022!

ALL IN TOGETHER is complete with its own concert style stage, central floor space, tournament setups, official COMBO BREAKER tournament medals, dedicated stream, and more! ALL IN TOGETHER is overseen by KITVandy from Kumite Gaming and run with the assistance of the trusted tournament operators listed below. With the addition of these community tournaments, CB2022, now features a staggering 53 open-bracket tournaments on-site! 

The ALL IN TOGETHER community tournaments are scheduled with support from COMBO BREAKER’s Competition Director to help avoid schedule conflicts (wherever possible). ALL IN TOGETHER also features a single destination registration page. So get registered today for the all the tournaments via ALL IN TOGETHER’s smash.gg page! Remember that you will need either a Competitor or Community Pass for CB2022 to enter the venue space and compete in ALL IN TOGETHER’s tournament line-up! So register today if you haven’t already done so!

Dedicated Resources

To help ensure the community tournaments experience meets the standards players and organizers expect of competitions at COMBO BREAKER, ALL IN TOGETHER will have dedicated staff helping manage the tournament brackets, handling equipment scheduling, and assisting the bracket runners all weekend long. 

To help showcase the quality of play these Community Tournaments will possess, Net Battles will be onsite broadcasting the Top 4 of each tournament! ALL IN TOGETHER’s stage is also centered in the venue space and features the same concert style aesthetics as the CB2022 main stage! Watch these great games from the FGC’s history on a large format screen with professional lighting and the same presentation as games released this year!

Program Schedule

ALL IN TOGETHER: The Community Tournaments at COMBO BREAKER 2022 features 25 tournaments across Memorial Day Weekend! Nearly every game featured will see a minimum of its Top 4 broadcast during the weekend.

Broadcasts provided by:


Organized by pattheflip

Organized by H0odless

Organized by Arneezy and Omega_Black

Organized by LeeShmow and King Kai

Organized by Missingno

Organized by badatgaems

Organized by Jako Man and Untamed Gaming

Organized by Jako Man and Untamed Gaming

Organized by Crackin Atkins and Paul Le

Organized by Tater, Virtualfishbowl, and 0Collin

Organized by Crimefighter and IdolismJ

Organized by OmegaTomHanksFL and LightKV 

Organized by Bbforky

Organized by IkeShamus

Organized by BigBadWolfMN

Organized by Montage

Organized by Ateozc

Organized by KanKanMikan

Organized by DoctorSc1ence

Organized by Guardian

Organized by MFahim

Organized by Tanner

Organized by IdolismJ and Crimefighter

Organized by fishtrabs

Organized by UR | Blind and UR | PAC DIESEL

Organized by UGS | RosiYY

Organized by IdolismJ and Crimefighter

Organized by 2eZ