Dragon Ball FighterZ Finals at Combo Breaker 2018


Even More Games

COMBO BREAKER 2023 will host many of the fighting game genre’s incredible games, but, thanks to the wealth of competitive games active in our community, we can’t host them all. To help surpass this limitation, CB2023 is working with additional organizers who will host tournaments for their favorite games at our convention; creating an event-within-an-event Community Tournament experience that brings even more games to CB2023.

ALL IN TOGETHER: The Community Tourneys at CB2023 are equipped with their own concert style stages, massive ballroom, tournament setups, official COMBO BREAKER tournament medals, multiple streams, and more! This year’s iteration of ALL IN TOGETHER is overseen by Tong of Tampa Never Sleeps and run with the assistance of the community organizers listed below. With the addition of their tournaments to CB2023, the convention event will feature a staggering 67 total open bracket tournaments!

ALL IN TOGETHER Community Tournaments are scheduled with support from COMBO BREAKER Competition Director CurlyW to help avoid overall event schedule conflicts wherever possible. Sign-ups for all tournaments in the ALL IN TOGETHER program can be found on the AIT2023 start.gg page.

Remember that you will need either a Competitor or Spectator Pass for CB2023 to in the ALL IN TOGETHER’s tournament line-up. Remember to purchase a pass for COMBO BREAKER 2023 from the CB2023 start.gg page!

Dedicated Resources

To help ensure our community tournaments experience meets the standards players expect of COMBO BREAKER tournaments, ALL IN TOGETHER will have dedicated staff helping manage tournament brackets, handling equipment logistics, and assisting attendees all weekend long.

To showcase the high quality of play these Community Tournaments will feature, Net Battles will be producing two on-site streams broadcasting Top 4’s from ALL IN TOGETHER tournaments! The ALL IN TOGETHER stages and competition areas will be located in the massive Schaumburg Ballroom and feature the concert style staging seen throughout CB2023! 

Program Schedule

ALL IN TOGETHER: The Community Tournaments at CB2023 features 38 tournaments across Memorial Day Weekend! Nearly every game featured will see a minimum of its Top 4 streamed.

Streams provided by:


Organized by Modus Games

Organized by KaizenCreed

Organized by Starcutter w/ Among Us Arena

Organized by IdolismJ

Organized by IkeShamus w/ DFCI Discord

Organized by DevilREI

Organized by OmegaTomHanksFL

Organized by Gyaru w/ JoJo ASBR Discord

Organized by Axolotl & K9x4 w/ LLB Stadium

Organized by lemagicdude

Organized by Untamed Gaming

Organized by enpicie

Organized by 2eZ

Organized by JeriTheOG, Phil of Course & Lumi

Organized by badatgaems

Organized by LBS w/ Fraud Krew

Organized by Tabby w/ Just Block!

Organized by Kamaal

Organized by Arneezy & omega black

Organized by RosiYY w/ UGS Gaming

Organized by Trevwerd

Organized by Cherry

Organized by Ateozc

Organized by Boom w/ Boominati Battles

Organized by Psychoblue w/ SFxT Discord

Organized by BigBadWolfMN

Organized by MFahim

Organized by ConvictedofFun

Organized by Rune w/ Jam the Wind

Organized by tenacity w/ Chicagoland Melee

Organized by Guardian