Are you a fan of costuming? If so, COMBO BREAKER 2018 is hosting a Cosplay Contest!

COMBO BREAKER’s Cosplay Contest is meant to celebrate fighting games, and all entrants are encouraged to showcase their favorite fighting game characters with their costumes. There is nearly 30 years of fighting game history to choose from, so the options are substantial! COMBO BREAKER’s Cosplay Contest is a free-to-enter activity that will highlight and reward the incredible skills and commitment to crafting found in the fighting game community.

On Saturday, May 26, 2018, a pre-judging booth will be available from 12pm until 6pm CT in the Mega Center! Selected entrants will qualify for an on-stage Finalists review later that day (in-between Killer Instinct and Injustice 2 Top 8’s, expected to be 7:40-8pm). 



Craftsmanship: The stitching, fabric selection, form, fit and construction of your costume. This category includes prop-making in our contest.
Accuracy: How well your costume represents your character.
Originality: Is your costume unique? Did it require inventive crafting to realize?
Presence: Do you bring your character to life?
Weaponry Rule: Only blunted, wood, plastic or otherwise non-lethal weaponry will be allowed as part of COMBO BREAKER’s Cosplay Contest

COMBO BREAKER’s Cosplay Contest is open to all contestants of all skill levels, but our Finalists will need to display great skill to go home with our prizes! All costumes will be judged singularly, with no additional favor shown to group costumery. 



1st Place / Best in Show
Costume is at-least 80% hand-crafted, with minimal purchased props or embellishments 
Prize: $400, a PlayStation 4, and a COMBO BREAKER merch pack

2nd Place / Runner-Up
Costume is at-least 60% hand-crafted
Prize: $200 and a COMBO BREAKER merch pack

3rd Place / Notable Cosplay
Costume is at-least 40% hand-crafted
Prize: $100 and a COMBO BREAKER merch pack

All COMBO BREAKER Cosplay Contest Finalists will receive additional prizing from Wulfgar Weapons!




James Wulfgar

Ashley Riot

Rose Romanova


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