If you’re looking for some great artwork, hand made plush, or even perler bead sprites, then Combo Breaker’s 2017 Artist Alley is a must stop for you this year! Purchase or commission work from our amazing assortment of artists and niche entrepreneurs, many seen at fighting game events from around the world! Your art collection needs expanding and Combo Breaker is just the place to help it grow. Artist Alley artists are subject to change.



Richard Suwono

Professional Digital Artist and Illustrator from Indonesia! Suwono is the artist behind the 2017 COMBO BREAKER key art.


Mike Medicine Horse

Minneapolis based artist seen at Capcom Cup and on the Capcom Pro Tour!



Chicago based artist working with UDON, Capcom, Marvel, Dark Horse, Konami, and Cryamore!



California-based fan-artist specialized in acrylic charms, prints, body pillows and more!



Animator and illustrator born in Michigan, studied in Atlanta, selling fan art, original art, and commissions upon request.


Art of Arkayne

Quentin Ross is a California based concept artist, illustrator and character designer.


Ashley Riot

Chicago based cosplayer and comic artist.


Subhuman Hours

Collaborative studio specializing in fanart prints, sketchbook commissions, & dakimakura!



Custom bead art, keychains, pins, hand-knitted hats and more from Chicago’s own LizeeArt!


Jisu Art

Jisu is a young, independent artist who specializes in illustration and concept art.”
If there’s anything else you need from us, please let me know.



Southeast US Artist that draws fighting game characters, promotional artist for Nashicon 2018 and creating Serenata Chronicles!


Spittfire Art

Spittfire Art supplies posters and other items of the cute girls of fighting games!


Amadeus Art

Freelance Artist focusing on making amazing Fighting Game artwork, sketches, and dakimakura covers!


Vicious Shadi

Atlanta-based freelance artist who specializes in comics, fan-art, and is open for commissions!


Splendid Treasures

Splendid Treasures is a repurposed jewelry business that ranges from classic fashion to nerd culture pieces to create a new, fun and original, wearable work of art.

Splendid Treasures

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